FFN Capital Management

FFN Capital Management

In truth, the seeds for my latest enterprise were laid decades ago. The digital world of the internet makes it easier than ever to start this kind of business. Companies like RIA in a Box and Altruist are there to encourage and assist adventurous entrepreneurs who are looking to get started, but aren’t sure how.

FFN Capital Management is an RIA (Registered Investment Advisory), or Financial Advisor business. People and institutions that have saved money to invest and don’t have the knowledge to, or just don’t feel comfortable doing it themselves, often employ a financial advisor. You enter an agreement with the advisor (FFN Capital Management) and transfer the saved money to the advisor to invest for you. Advisors use their expertise to work with you and provide exposure to a variety of financial instruments like the stock of individual companies or municipal bonds in a way that you feel comfortable with.

Advisors go through a rigorous examination and registration process and are heavily regulated by State and Federal levels of government as well as private self-regulatory agencies (SROs) like FINRA (the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority). You can feel confident in that investors are the best-protected consumers in the country. Websites like Investor.gov provide portals for consumers to contact regulators directly. Regulators make sure that investors have ongoing access to their money and how it is being invested.

FFN Capital Management will go live and be ready to accept new clients in 2022. What’s different about my company is that I hope to attract small (as well as large) investors who are just getting started and feel intimidated by the world of finance. While your wants and needs guide all investment decisions, my standard philosophy is conservative and long-term, focusing on established firms and funds that have a history of success.

If you are interested, contact me: bill@followfornow.org

Ump’s Fwat is a most amazing children’s book focusing on a sport called fwap, a superstar athlete (Ump) and a company named Figgie International (a real company and the book’s author). You follow the story as products to play the game are manufactured and the company begins to grow and make money. Profits lead to more growth and, eventually, investors who buy pieces of the company. It’s an easy-to-read, entertaining look at the evolution of an idea and a company, concluding with an introduction to investing.