Why was Follow For Now Created

Follow For Now (FFN) is a budding non-profit, digital investment advisor, and educational content creator based in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.  With a potential user base of all ages across the country, FFN aims to spearhead an academic movement to make practical life skills a part of every state’s curriculum and every company’s compensation package.

FFN was formed in 2018, with the goal of creating useful, relevant, and engaging learning experiences with three guiding principles:

  • Provide a starting place for realistic self-improvement
  • Spark curiosity and interest in a litany of life skills areas
  • Introduce multiple avenues for attaining a higher quality of life

The Mind Behind it All

I’m so glad you’ve decided to investigate this website.  My educational background is in mathematics, economics, pedagogy, investing, and the culinary arts.  I also have 22 years of personal investing experience, 15 years teaching business and mathematics, 8 years working in business, and 15 years working in restaurants and grocery stores.  Every day I strive to learn something new.

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The Vision

This website was originally designed for high school seniors who often don’t have a lot to do their final two weeks of high school.  It is also for high school instructors who may have a hard time keeping these students interested their last two weeks of school.  What better way to send these students out into the world than to give them tools to be happy Americans and improve their quality of life.  If anything could keep their interest those last two weeks, this website can.

Soon I realized that many (most?) adults have also not been educated in so many of these important topics.  Without having to make more money adults can use this material to build their book of knowledge and improve their quality of life.  It’s a small way to attack the racial and economic inequality that holds so many of us back.  (I would even argue that it’s better to be informed, healthy, and happy than rich and miserable.)  For immigrants and those new to the United States this is a small step toward becoming a successful citizen.

Employers should take note and use this website as part of the onboarding program for new employees or offer incentives for current employees to complete the Follow For Now program.  Companies like Walmart, Amazon, Fred Meyer, McDonald’s, Subway, Kohl’s, Albertsons, Burger King, Chipotle, Aldi, Taco Bell, Home Depot, Dunkin’, Target, Starbucks, Meijer, Whole Foods, Domino’s, Walgreens, Wendy’s, Safeway, Costco, etc. can show how much they care about their employees by introducing them to this free (!) resource designed to help them improve the quality of their lives.  How about offering a complimentary meal ($9 maximum value) for each employee who can show you their certificate of completion?

We see the effects of racial inequality in the media every day.  A little more beneath the surface, the economic gap between America’s wealthiest individuals and everyone else has grown wider than ever before.  The income level of the overwhelming majority of us has stayed stagnant while most of the gains of our economy now go to the upper 1% of our country’s richest people.  Back in 2010 a group of 400 of the wealthiest Americans accrued more of the economic gains of the United States than the 150 million people (with lower incomes) below them!

Follow For Now is a way to attack these racial and economic inequalities and get people thinking about these important life skills areas.  It’s my gift to the world.  Follow my lead, for now, and then get started on your own path.  Follow for now.